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Porting to .Net of the world most famous Tween Engine from Aurelien Ribon!

The Universal Tween Engine .Net enables the interpolation of every attributes from any object in any .Net desktop project (Winforms, XNA, WPF, Silverlight). A tween is a static animation running for a fixed amount of time. Therefore, tweens are perfect candidates to animate your UIs, splash screens, and all the static animations of your characters. A tween can animate anything: position, rotation, opacity, color, scale, etc. The only limitation of the tween engine is your imagination.


  • Zero allocation! Use your project safely on Android without fearing the garbage collector!
  • Supports every interpolation function defined by Robert Penner:
  • Can be used with any object. You just have to implement the TweenAccessor interface when you want interpolation capacities.
  • Every attributes can be interpolated. The only requirement is that what you want to interpolate can be represented as a float number.
  • One line is sufficient to create and start a simple interpolation.
  • Tweens can be easily sequenced thanks to Timelines.
  • Tweens can act on more than one value at a time, so a single tween can change the whole position (X and Y) of a sprite for instance !
  • Tweens and Timelines can be repeated, with a yoyo style option.
  • Many callbacks can be specified (when tweens or timelines complete, start, end, etc.).
  • Simple timers can be built with
  • Wiki documentation to get you started!

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